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Structural casement 4-1/2 laser (BS-4500L)

All PVC casement window, 4 ½" structural frame painted imitation wood with a process replicating the ribs of the wood;

Choice of color maple, red cedar, Brazilian Cherry and dark oak


  • • Fusion welded corners for better sealing and effectiveness;
  • Multiple air chambers profiles for optimal thermal insulation;
  • Profiles developed with powdered PVC compound which gives a high gloss finish and reduces the adhesion of dirt;
  • Triple weather-stripping positioned on the sash for maximal air and water tightness, of black color for minimal maintenance;
  • Cavities for interior finishing of ½" and ¾", integrated to the frame;
  • Water evacuation without any caps or apparent holes;
  • Easy to remove interior screens made of fiberglass mesh and enamelled aluminum frames;
  • Dual mechanism with rounded forms on window of 24" and more;
  • Multipoint locks with rounded forms;
  • Stainless steel hinges;
  • All screws made of stainless steel.


A440-00 Standards

  • Air infiltration: A3
  • Water infiltration: B7
  • Wind load: C5
  • Break in: F20



  • Double Thermos, low-E her 80/70 RE-32 Zones 1-2 - FMX-M-1-00026-00001
  • Double Thermos, low-E her 80/70-CARR - RE-29 Zones 1-2 - FMX-M-1-00026-00002
  • Triple Thermos RE-29 Zones 1-2 - FMX-M-1-00027-00001
  • Triple Thermos - CARR - RE-25 Zones 1-2 - FMX-M-1-00028-00001
  • Triple Thermos, low-E her 80/70 RE-34 Zones 1-2-3 - FMX-M-1-00029-00001
  • Triple Thermos, low-E her 80/70 - CARR - RE-31 Zones 1-2-3 - FMX-M-1-00030-00001
  • Thermos triple, Double Low-E her 80/70 RE-39 Zones 1-2-3 - FMX-M-1-00031-00001
  • Thermos triple, Double Low-E her 80/70 - CARR - RE-35 zone 1-2-3 - FMX-M-1-00032-00001

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