Installation services:
Installing windows and doors, that is quite a job!

Take advantage of the expertise of Fenomax installers and be assured that your windows and doors will be installed correctly.

Whatever your project is, our advisers will guide you throughout your process of choice. Once an order is placed, our installation program gives you the peace of mind and the certainty of a job well done.

From the counselling to the install

Fenomax experts follow you throughout your purchase process. This process is divided into 7 steps:

A visit in one of our branches or online project

Come and visit us in one of the branches near you to determine what your needs are and your wishes. You don’t have the time to transit? Get a quote online for your project.

Advice relating to existing programs

If there are any programs are in force at the time of your purchase, we will inform you and give you all the details on how to benefit from them.

Exact measurements

It is important to take the right measures for your renovation project, one of our advisors will meet you at your home to assess your project. If this is a new construction, we can take account of the measurements of your construction plan.

Your decision

You trust Fenomax and have been positively stunned by our competitive prices. The judicious advice have helped you to carry out your choice. Therefore, you decide to work with us! Thank You! We sign a sales contract in order to start the process and fulfill your order as quickly as possible.


Your order is sent to our manufacturing plant. It will integrate our planning to respect the lead time which you have been given.

Delivery and install

You see the Fenomax truck at the corner of the street ... It’s the big day! If you have chosen our installation program (recommended), our installers will carry out their work with thoroughness and know-how.

After-sales service

Fenomax offers you windows and doors of high quality and guarantees on its products to ensure you peace of mind. If you have any questions or comments about your doors and/or windows, do not hesitate to contact your advisor.

Finally, we would thank you for taking a little of your time to write us a testimonial.


And that's it! Simple and effective.
Head into one of our branches or start right now to shop online!


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Installation Service

Every day, there are dozens of Fenomax installation teams and trucks who travel throughout your region to give life to your project.

No middle man!

The great advantage of doing business with Fenomax, is that you choose products and a service that is 100% Fenomax. No middle man or outside interveners to the enterprise, Fenomax centralizes its entire process. Therefore, it’s Fenomax installers that will be present at your door, with a smile on their lips to install your windows and doors.  Fenomax’s management ensures the continuous training of its teams in order to make sure that quality is respected and maintained at each step. The respect of the client, the thoroughness, the care to diligent workmanship and cleanliness are fundamental values for all our employees.

Glaziery services

Fenomax, is also a glaziery service equal to the size of your projects: glass cutting, mirror, glass showers.

Our equipment, at the cutting edge of technology, guarantees you a careful and meticulous workmanship. From glass cutting or repair, to shaping mirrors, we offer impeccable service. You have a special request like glass shower walls? Don’t hesitate to communicate with us for your project.



Parts sale service

Each branch offers you a wide range of parts and accessories in inventory. Casters, ramps, weatherstripping,  door handles, door stoppers, etc.

Our branches

Screen repair services

Don’t stay with damaged or destroyed screens! Come and see us in one of our branches and the joys of the summer will be yours!

Other services

Our branch of Maniwaki offers the manufacturing of eavestroughs and products aimed at the commercial sector (doors, windows and hardware).  Call us!


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