Precision for years...


Glass to highlight your interior

Today, it’s ultra-trendy to integrate glass into interior design. Its possibilities are infinite. It allows to create unique and elegant interiors. Fenomax offers you a glaziery service which helps you to personalize and to value the inside of your house. On the basis of your decorating ideas, we conceive for you the customized product which will emphasize your spaces.

Delusions of grandeur

The transparency of the glass will give to every space a delusion of grandeur, and its transparency, which makes circulate the light, will illuminate every room of your house or your office.

Infinite glass textures

New technologies allow us to offer you a glass adapted to your needs. May it be tinted, sanded, engraved or with personalized motives, there is a texture for every type of decoration.

Create a unique atmosphere

  • For furniture: Work-tops, basins, tables…
  • For wall coverings: Mirrors, sideboards, ornamental walls...

  • For a contemporary design: Staircases, lifelines, showers, floors, doors...

Precision for years



At Fenomax, glaziery has been an integral part of our skills for years.

We repair, design, cut the glass exactly so that it adapts itself perfectly to your desires. Head over to one of our branches to estimate your needs. One of our councillors will be pleased to guide you in your projects and to answer perfectly your desires.

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